Monday, July 23, 2012

Lucy turning One

Dear Lucy,
In a few weeks, you will be turning one, or at least we think you will be turning one, but it is hard for us to know because we got you off craigslist...for free. And the truth is, we don't know who your Dad is either. But, that is besides the point because we love you, most of the time. 

We love how intelligent you are, staring at the TV for hours just like a grown adult, knowing to run to the door when you hear the doorbell, even if its played off youtube for the sixth time in a row. 
In all seriousness, we do find your tricks to be cute, your cuddling to be comforting and your companionship makes Mom feel safe. You are a great running companion and you're starting to swim well too! Sometimes, when we leave to church and forget to feed you, you take care of yourself and hunt prairie dogs. 

 It's been an eventful experience having you around. Last week you licked a poisonous toad and tried drugs for the first times and made for quite a show while you were hallucinating. Fortunately, you did not die from cardiac arrest as google suggested for smaller pups. Instead your eyes were fully dilated, you army crawled around the house while whining and would randomly freeze in a catatonic state. Don't worry, we rinsed your mouth out with the hose and you were sleeping withing 45 minutes.

 We were proud of you this week when we took you into the vet for your constant bed wetting and you refused to pee in a cup... little did we know at the time that your refusal to agree to a urinary analysis would save us $75. Don't worry, your doctor still gave you your antibiotics. 

Lucy, you make us laugh, vacuum constantly and you make us meet our neighbors.
Even if you are special, we still love you and are excited to see you when we come home everyday. You keep things fun and entertaining and you will always be our Lucifer Lucy!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mandy Blue we miss you!

June 6th 2012 my next door neighbor and life time friend ended her struggle with the fastest and deadliest brain cancer known. Through death she was healed of her earthly body that caused hardship! Mandy was diagnosed with her brain tumor when she was 18 years old. She courageously fought for four great years as she gracefully lived her life with a smile. 
Her father, Vance, who has been by her side constantly caring for her these past years spoke words of power at her funeral:
"You started college in the fall of 2010 and it was five days after that Christmas that we found out your cancer had returned. Again, you took it in stride, went to your treatments and to everyone's amazement you continued college where you got A's in all of your classes except math, so you took it again because you wanted an A in that too. You continued to go about your life as if nothing was wrong Amanda, somehow we all felt that there wasn't anything wrong. You showed no symptoms of disease and it was at this time some of the best surgeons and oncologists in the world used the word "EXTRAORDINARY" whenever they talked about you. "
During these past few weeks I feel I have been able to reflect and think about Mandy's life and it wasn't until after her Dad spoke that I saw Mandy for more of who she was. I am grateful for the 17 years we shared as neighbors and close friends. I will always remember her for her big smile, her long dark hair, her professional shopping abilities, her ability to listen to me and sympathize and comfort me perfectly while withholding judgement and her heartfelt hugs. Mandy has a very special place in my heart and in the heart of my family. One day I will be with her again and we can continue to have our multiple hour long conversations and movie marathons. I will hear her carefree laugh and see her sweet smile! Till then I will miss her and think of our wonderful shared memories and friendship and continue to pray for her family.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our First Year

 We celebrated our first wedding anniversary last month and it seems about time to start "The Blog." Hopefully, this will be a place to do some light recording of memories and keep in contact with family members. 

So here is our first year in pictures and captions... seems to be the best way to review the past twelve months!

The Seattle Temple Wedding 6.04.11

 All of my SEEESTERS

 The wedding party

White water river rafting in Costa Rica

Repelling down the water falls

ATVing through the muddy jungle

Ziplining through the rain forest

horse back riding on the beach

After 10 days of adventure in Costa Rica, Ivan's parents threw us a Mexican reception. Full of music, food and dancing. I think my parents enjoyed the party, but were also experiencing "culture shock."

My brother Marcus and his wife Melinda were married 25 days after us in the Washington DC temple!
 We had a great time attending their sealing and traveling around the East Coast. We got to see Mary Poppins in New York with Ivan's sister Yvette and some of her good friends. They showed us around New York to some amazing food and we stayed in their home in New Jersey. Of course we visited Carlos Bakery from the show Cake Boss. We also toured the National Mall monuments in WA DC with my family and spent the 4th of July on the Capitol lawn watching A Capitol Fourth Concert that included Josh Groban!!!! Our family also got to spend an afternoon at Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington, this was one of my favorite experiences. 

New Jersey at Carlos Bakery

Fourth of July at Mt. Vernon
 home of George Washington

In New York

Central Park in New York

The Family in DC

At the White House

In August I started at the University of Arizona. I have really enjoyed most of my classes and I am excited about where my education is going and the things I am learning. Ivan is finishing his degree through the University of Phoenix which has been a great fit for his work schedule.

In August we also did some boating, which is one of our favorite weekend get-aways.

In October we picked up a puppy from Craig's List (for free) during conference weekend. We love our Lucy. It was interesting and fun to start to merge our "parenting styles."

I turned 21 on Nov. 5th and completed my first triathlon. Ivan was very supportive, he spent weeks finding me a bike (for free) and fixing it up! He surprised me with pink handle bars! 

In December, we spent Christmas with Ivan's side of the family and my sister Natalie and her family. The best moment was when Santa Clause appeared and our puppy Lucy was scared to death of Santa and ran and jumped on the couch by Ivan and me and refused to move!

In January, Megan came to visit us! We went night hiking and kayaking and of course shopping! We also went to Disney Land with Ivan's sister Yvette, to celebrate her earning her masters degree. My friend Becca came with us, this was Beccas first visit to Disney Land!

 Skip past a crazy semester for Ivan and I and it is finally summer time again!